Who we are?

ETA-SYS Co., Varna, with Manager dipl.eng. Svetlin Parev, has been established to continue what was started by ETA-SYSTEM in the field of design, production and installation of security alarm systems and security components and bank security equipment. With respect to notifying systems (dialers), the firm has a leading position in the country. The company is unique in its ability to develop and implement unique and specially designed alarm systems for large sites.

ETA-SYS’ Ltd. specializes in the production and delivery of safety and bullet-proof window panes for bank offices, armored vehicles, etc. The safety glass panes of resistance classes BR2-NS and BR3-NS have passed the tests of both, the Ministry of Interior, and of the Army, and are the only in Bulgaria to have a product certificate issued by the EA TCM of AEP (Executive Agency "Testing and Control Measurements of Armaments, Equipments and Property ") at the Ministry of Defence, Republic of Bulgaria.

To achieve external control and product certification, the ‘Evrostandart-2000’ Ltd. company has been established, holding production licenses and patents.

"ETA-SYS" has developed and implemented a quality management system.